Submersible Solar Pumps

PS150 c

Lift up to 20 m65 ft65 ft
Flow rate up to 5.0 m3/h1,330 US
12-24 V DC

PS200 HR

Lift up to 50 m160 ft160 ft
Flow rate up to 2.7 m3/h720 US Gal./h600 UK Gal./h
24-48 V DC

PS600 HR/C

Lift up to 180 m580 ft580 ft
Flow rate up to 11 m3/h2,930 US Gal./h2,440 UK Gal./h
48-72 V DC

PS1200 HR/C

Lift up to 240 m770 ft770 ft
Flow rate up to 20 m3/h5,300 US Gal./h4,440 UK Gal./h
72-96 V DC

PS1800 HR/C

Lift up to 250 m810 ft810 ft
Flow rate up to 51 m3/h13,600 US Gal./h11,300 UK Gal./h
72-96 V DC

PS4000 HR/c

Lift up to 350 m1,130 ft1,130 ft
Flow rate up to 70 m3/h18,700 US Gal./h15,600 UK Gal./h
168-192 V DC


Lift up to 160 m520 ft520 ft
Flow rate up to 130 m3/h


Solar Water Pumping

BERNT LORENTZ GmbH & Co. KG is specialised in solar-operated pump systems and considered one of the leading manufacturers in the field. Founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany, LORENTZ today has more than 150 employees and is represented in more than 100 countries. Our local service partners maintain a close link to the customer and guarantee professional support, installation and maintenance.


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