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This project was implemented in October 2011. The goal was to benefit the community of Hatcliffe by providing them with reliable and potable water for personal use and also for irrigation purposes.

The solar water pump system is not only providing the community with reliable potable water but also is irrigating their 6.5 Hectares garden, for them to become self sustainable. This pilot project is benefiting  around 240 people in the area and since the model has been a successful one, we'll be able to replicate the system and work in larger scale ones so more people in different communities in the country will be able to benefit too.

Testimonial From Country Director - Benoit Couturier

In October 2011, the NGO Solidarités International implemented, thanks to the supplier Samansco, a solar water pumping system in the community garden of Hatcliffe, Zimbabwe. Samansco demonstrated high professional skills, serious, reactivity and a sense of follow-up of the installation in the solar energy area. On behalf of Solidarités International, I strongly recommend the Company Samansco (pvt) Ltd for any project which requires solar energy.


Recent Case Study

Case Study:

Sustainable Solar Irrigation Scheme in Ruti - Gutu

OXFAM ZIMBABWE selects Samansco to Design & Install a Solar Water System for Project Irrigation Scheme in Ruti - Gutu.

Samansco is selected to work jointly with Oxfam International to achieve a sustainable solar irrigation model. The OXFAM Project: “Rural Sustainable Energy Development in Zimbabwe” main objective is to promote the use of micro-hydro and solar energy by rural people around the Ruti irrigation scheme in Zimbabwe and to share information and learning on the implementation of renewable energy technology for socio-economic development in Zimbabwe.

Close to 20,000 people in the Ruti Community are seeing the direct benefits of the project, by having organized 300 irrigation farming households, 2 clinics, 1 school, 10 local entrepreneurs, 5 solar technicians and 1 agribusiness centre.

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