Solar Power

Solar Systems by Samansco allow you to generate your own power in an efficient and reliable manner directly from the sun.

Our professionally designed and installed solar photovoltaic systems have powered thousands of homes, schools, clinics and communities in Africa.

As a fully integrated systems supplier, we work closely with our clients from project inception to implementation. We offer a full menu of service that include: consulting, project management, design, construction, facilities management and analysis services to support our clients and their projects.

We believe in proven solutions for rugged African conditions and ensuring we provide Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development.

Our Solar Solutions deal with a range of applications including:  

  • Home and Office Solar Panel Electrification  
  • Solar Water Pumping for Irrigationan and Residential use
  • Swimming Pool Solar Water Pumping Systems
  • Solar / DC Refrigeration

Recent Case Study

Case Study:

Sustainable Solar Irrigation Scheme in Ruti - Gutu

OXFAM ZIMBABWE selects Samansco to Design & Install a Solar Water System for Project Irrigation Scheme in Ruti - Gutu.

Samansco is selected to work jointly with Oxfam International to achieve a sustainable solar irrigation model. The OXFAM Project: “Rural Sustainable Energy Development in Zimbabwe” main objective is to promote the use of micro-hydro and solar energy by rural people around the Ruti irrigation scheme in Zimbabwe and to share information and learning on the implementation of renewable energy technology for socio-economic development in Zimbabwe.

Close to 20,000 people in the Ruti Community are seeing the direct benefits of the project, by having organized 300 irrigation farming households, 2 clinics, 1 school, 10 local entrepreneurs, 5 solar technicians and 1 agribusiness centre.


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