Back-Up Power

Samansco's back-up power systems connect quality inverters that have multi-stage battery chargers to Advanced GEL Deep Cycle Batteries.

These batteries are charged by the national electric company (grid power / Zesa / Eskom) or your generator. When grid power fails, it will automatically switch to battery, keeping electricity flowing to power your connected appliances. And when grid power returns, it will automatically start charging again. Back-Up Power systems offer the most cost effective solution for stand-by or reserve power where the national electric grid is available at least some of the time.

Our Back-Up Power Solutions deal with a range of applications including:  

  • Home and Office Clean, Noiseless and Automatic Back-Up Power Generation   
  • Automatic - On Telecommunications Back-Up Power    
  •  I.T. Systems Back-Up Power   
  • Farming and Safari Remote Power Generation


Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of premium inverter/ chargers for Off Grid and Back-Up applications. With great inverter design and manufacturing experience, Magnum Energy has build some of the industry's most reliable, advanced, and cost effective inverter / chargers and accessories.


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