Rural Health Centres

The objectives of Lutheran Development Service and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, in conjunction with Samansco, was to supply reliable power to seven rural clinics in the south of Zimbabwe. In November 2010 the combined entities made possible the installation of solar power systems to:

Mukuwerere Rural Health Center, Vutika (RHC), Dite (RHC), Manyuchi (RHC), Mushava (RHC),Chikwalakwala (RHC), and Chitulipasi (RHC).

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Samansco not only supplied and installed Solar Power Systems to provide lights and power for TV’s and telecommunications systems, but also trained the nurses and the clinic’s head of staff to empower and enable them to manage their solar systems appropriately.

“We are of great thanks to Samansco , which have made a wonderful development at our clinic. The clinic is now installed with lights and solar panels and has a great change from what it was before. We are glad that our job will now be running smoothly especially with night patients and conducting deliveries” - Banda Ethel - Dite Rural Health Centre.

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Recent Case Study

Case Study:

Sustainable Solar Irrigation Scheme in Ruti - Gutu

OXFAM ZIMBABWE selects Samansco to Design & Install a Solar Water System for Project Irrigation Scheme in Ruti - Gutu.

Samansco is selected to work jointly with Oxfam International to achieve a sustainable solar irrigation model. The OXFAM Project: “Rural Sustainable Energy Development in Zimbabwe” main objective is to promote the use of micro-hydro and solar energy by rural people around the Ruti irrigation scheme in Zimbabwe and to share information and learning on the implementation of renewable energy technology for socio-economic development in Zimbabwe.

Close to 20,000 people in the Ruti Community are seeing the direct benefits of the project, by having organized 300 irrigation farming households, 2 clinics, 1 school, 10 local entrepreneurs, 5 solar technicians and 1 agribusiness centre.

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