About Us

With four decades working in the solar power industry, we have many stories to tell, come join us on our journey!

Samansco was founded in 1982 to promote appropriate technologies and sustainable development in Southern Africa. The primary focus of the company has been renewable energy, with a specific focus on solar photovoltaic power. At Samansco, we are committed to the development of technologies appropriate for rugged African conditions.

We support small scale solar companies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, working for a sustainable future. Our promise is to create solutions that will bring communities together through provision of solar power for households, offices and especially remote areas with the greatest needs.

Samansco’s growth and success has been a result of a dedication to this philosophy. Our industry experience is reflected in the careful consideration we take for the products we provide to our clients and partners we associate with

Our Team

Our team has a wealth of experience and is ready to help!

Nyasha Bamhare

Chief Executive Officer

Nyasha is at the helm of Samansco because of his strong entrepreneurial spirit and experience. His business and leadership record are propped up with technical expertise from a BSc I.T Computer Science from the University of Cape Town. His vision is to change the world through clean, renewable, sustainable energy, and he is on track to do so as he leads the team to great heights.

Auleen Hove

Administration & Finance

Auleen is an assertive, but compassionate team member, that prides herself on her strong numeracy and analytical skills. With years of experience working in both the banking and renewable energy sectors, she is an instrumental component of the Samansco motor.  She remains proud to be one of the key team members behind the most recognised solar brand in Zimbabwe.

Samantha John

Business Development 

Samantha makes sure that we  have our best foot forward every time our brand is in action. With over a decade of experience in marketing and advertising, Samantha’s energy, passion, and attention to detail has translated into vital skill sets. Her role entails identifying sales leads, pitching services to new clients and the development of marketing literature to make sure that Samansco’s profile matches the company’s skills and growing legacy.

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