World Vision Zimbabwe partnered with Samansco on the installation of a solar water pump at Biriri Primary School. This pump provided reliable irrigation to the school’s initiative of a 1-hectare nutritional garden. The solar water pump has the capacity to pump 23 000 litres per day when needed. The pump installed was accompanied by 2x10 000 litre tanks to ensure adequate and consistent water flow for irrigation purposes and drinking water at the school. In addition to the irrigation pipes, 4 taps were installed in the garden and near the toilets.

Project Details

Project site: Biriri Primary School, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

Client: World Vision

System: Irrigation Schemes for Nutritional Gardens

Water supplied: 23,000L per day

Pump type: Lorentz PS2-1800 HR-14-2


500 Beneficiaries

Revenue generated for the school

Improved nutrition at school


The installation of the irrigation scheme at the school provided employment for approximately 20 people. These casuals were temporarily employed to assist in building trenches and installation panels and the tanks. The success of the nutritional garden not only contributed to improving diets of the beneficiaries at the primary school but also created a form of revenue for the school. The taps installed near the toilets improved hygiene and minimised the outbreak of waterborne diseases that plague the country such as cholera.