In light of the increasing periods of drought in Zimbabwe and malnutrition rising in young children especially, World Vision partnered with Samansco to develop an irrigation scheme at Chayamiti Primary school. The irrigation scheme was to support the development of a nutritional garden at the school where various vegetables were to be grown on a 0.5-hectare plot. The pump installed has the capacity to pump 17 000 litres per day. The water from the borehole is pumped into a 1x10 000 litre tank on site and drawn from the tank when required for irrigation purposes.

Project Details

Project site: Chayamiti Primary School, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

Client: World Vision

System: Drip irrigation schemes for Nutritional Gardens

Water supplied: 17,000L per day

Pump type: Lorentz PS2-600 HR-10-2


450 Beneficiaries

Clean water taps installed

Improved nutrition at school


The drip irrigation allowed for the planting of vegetables such as sugar beans, tomatoes, onions, okre. This nutritional garden can assist in ensuring food security for the pupils at Chayamiti Primary School, many of whom go the whole day with no food. The installation of taps on site has also improved access to clean water at the school.