In 2017, World Vision awarded Samansco a contract to supply and install a solar water pumping system in the small community of Manga, which is located in Zimbabwe. This was a community with as many as 8 villages, a clinic and a church that were all seeking water provisions. When arriving on site the Samansco team was immediately escorted to the old community bush pump; already in bad shape it was clear the community would benefit from a brand new high-quality installation.

Our team installed a brand new Lorentz water pumping system that currently provides clean drinking water for the Manga community. This new system also supplies up to 55,000litres of water per day, a large volume which sufficiently caters for the entire community. For purposes of convenience, the team added water points in various locations in the community.

Project Details

Project site: Manga, Zimbabwe September 2014

Client: World Vision

System: Solar piped water scheme

Water supplied: 55,000L per day

Pump type: Lorentz PS4,000 CSJ 5-25


8 villages supplied

clinic supplied

church supplied

1 Lorentz pump installed


The various water points gave people easy access to the water regardless of how far they lived from the water source. The project completely changed the way people in Manga live and is a reminder for the team of the positive impact our work has on people.