This project was conducted by Samansco, in partnership with the world leader in solar water pumping, LORENTZ. The client for this project was the Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care Center (HCOC), a locally staffed operation working to feed, pay school fees, provide medical support and other vital services for orphans and vulnerable children. HCOC has a mandate to develop the infrastructure, agricultural capabilities and income-producing enterprises needed for its surrounding community to become self sustaining. As a result of this mandate, they turned to Samansco to provide them with a solution to the pressures which they had been experiencing within their organisation and community. This project fell under Samansco-Solarquest’s productive energy portfolio. A portfolio which aims to find productive uses of energy to benefit communities.
The project required the Samansco team to replace an old AC water pump with a LORENTZ solar water pump to provide clean, safe and reliable water, as well as an irrigation solution for the community. The end result of this project saw the creation of a self-financing and sustainable solar energy enterprise within the community via a virtuous circle of increasing demand and supply. The supply of LORENTZ solar water pump was the key to enterprise development, and enterprise development in turn effectively increased the demand for more solar pumps.

Project Details

Project site: Murewa, Zimbabwe 2015

Client: HCOC

System: Solar piped water scheme

Pump type: Lorentz PS1800 HR14


3 Lorentz pumps installed

5 schools supplied

800 orphans served

7 000 chickens farmed


Since installing the LORENTZ pumps, HCOC has experienced a great reduction in electricity costs. The organisation is currently looking towards completely shifting from electrical power to solar by installing an additional LORENTZ pump on their main borehole.
Reliable water supply is now readily available, this has allowed the community to engage in more planning, prioritizing projects and exploring development initiatives. People are no longer travelling long distances to alternative water sources just to meet their basic water needs. LORENTZ pumps have helped the community create a thriving garden for the children's meals and for self sustenance.
The LORENTZ pumps have not required maintenance since their installation . This has greatly saved the organisation on their overall costs.
The water system designed using Lorentz Pumps has helped HCOC to be self sufficient by growing various horticulture crops for the feeding center that takes care of the community and the neighbouring schools in that area especially the vulnerable age groups.