For over 35 years, Samansco has been embarking on transformative solar projects across the African continent. Tasked with creating a developmental and sustainable solution, the team embarked on a project that aimed to create sustainability through renewable energy.

Working in partnership with CARE; the team designed a system that draws water from a borehole 33m deep. Water from the borehole is pumped with a Lorentz solar water pump and distributed through a pipe network of +/- 4,000m. On site the team stationed 3 10,000L water tanks where the water is securely stored for the community’s consumption. The Lorentz pump installed gives an output of 30,000L of water per day, with 12 total taps for accessing water placed throughout the community.

Project Details

Project site: Nyamajura Zimbabwe 2017

Client: CARE

System: Solar piped water scheme

Pump type: Lorentz PS1800 CSJ 5-12


1200 people served

1 Lorentz pump installed

12 water points installed


This developmental project assisted many by uplifting a community who at the time had no means of accessing clean water. The community was facing a crisis of insufficient water for consumption (hydration and food preparation). Working with a total population of 1,200 people that needed to be served, the team designed a system to provide sufficient water to which would bring the right solution to the community, with excess water which could be used for additional projects such community gardens. The project was a good reminder of the power of solar technology to rehabilitate neglected areas.