In partnership with Oxfam; the Samansco team set out to impact the lives of people living in a community that had fallen victim to the creeping effects of global warming. Our objective was to design and install a piped solar water system for an irrigation project scheme in Gutu. “Rural Sustainable Energy Development in Zimbabwe” was an initiative by Oxfam set to assist close to 20,000 people in the Ruti area. Samansco installed a Lorentz solar water pumping system for large scale irrigation in the Ruti area. The system was designed to promote the use of solar and micro-hydro energy through the use of the Ruti Dam.

Project Details

Project site: Ruti, Gutu Zimbabwe 2015

Client: Oxfam

System: Water pumping system for large scale irrigation

Pump type: Lorentz PS1800 Booster Pumps for water being pumped from Ruti Dam


20 000 people served

1 Lorentz pump installed

Community enterprise developed

40 hectares cultivated


The impact assessment of this project exceeded both the expectations of Samansco and Oxfam. Since its inception, 40 hectares of communal gardens have been cultivated. The community has come together and created agricultural enterprises through the growing and selling of their own produce. The project has rapidly transformed the lives of the people in the community, this is truly a flagship project for sustainable development.