World Vision awarded Samansco a contract to supply and install a solar water pumping system in Zvapungu, located in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe. Part of Samansco’s vision is to work in partnership on projects that provide sustainable development and empower communities to become self sufficient. This project fell in line with this vision; it included a small cattle project which is currently used to feed the community as well as sell to surrounding areas.

The solar water system installed by our team supplies 20,000l of water for a school, the community and the cattle project that is being run.

Project Details

Project site: Zvapungu Zimbabwe July 2017

Client: World Vision

System: Solar piped water scheme & cattle farming system

Water supplied: 20,000L per day

Pump type: Lorentz PS1800 CSJ 3-18


Community supplied with water

Cattle herding project created

Local enterprise developed

1 Lorentz pump installed


This developmental project assisted many by creating a water solution as well as community enterprise. The water system designed using Lorentz Pumps has helped Zvapungu to be self sufficient by growing various horticulture crops and developing a cattle herding project that takes care of the community and the neighbouring schools in that area especially the vulnerable age groups.

This was a very fulfilling project for the team as we were able to see how this investment would have a long-term sustainable impact on the community.