FIFA 2014


In 2014 Samansco was awarded a contract which would be implemented in the town of Manica, Mozambique and in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. This contract was for the project “FIFA Solar Lighting Football for Hope.” The project provided thousands of underprivileged young people in Africa, access to Football for Hope centres. Football for Hope centres are places where young people come together in a safe space for some fun football games. The centres use the power of football to promote health, education, and general well-being to many Africans who may not have access to these vital life skills and information.


  • Solar lights installed
  • Over 1 000 beneficiaries


Samansco supplied and installed solar street lights for two football fields; this initiative provided the communities with much needed infrastructure to develop a safe environment for young people. The Football for Hope movement was an innovative concept Samansco is happy to have been a part of.

Project Details

Site: Manica, Mozambique & Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 2014
Client: FIFA
Water Supplied:
Pump Type

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