Samansco in collaboration with Oxfam, ventured into a project that would look to impact lives for a community in the Makuzeze district of Matebeleland Zimbabwe. This area of the country had experienced extended periods of dryness, which led to a drought that negatively impacted the community. The greatest plight for the people of Makuzeze was the lack of clean accessible water for them to consume. Many households in the community opted to source rain water, however with the ongoing drought this option had increasingly begun to lose feasibility. The Makuzeze project was done in conjunction with other installations in Ratanyana, Ngulubeni and Marinoha.
The team installed a new Lorentz solar water pumping system, which was part of an integrated, sophisticated water supply network. The system designed for this project makes use of water which is drawn from the community borehole and is distributed through an underground water network that leads to various taps around the community. Our Lorentz solar water pump provides the community with 20,000L of clean water per day. This output meets the needs and requirements of the entire community including water for irrigation.


  • 1 Lorentz pump installed
  • Water network created
  • Community supplied


The Samansco team succeeded in removing the old, unreliable bush pump which was formerly used by members the community. The objective was to create a reliable and sustainable solution that the community would benefit and enjoy for many years after our departure, this objective was met with positive effect. The sight of water tanks stationed up high at the Makuzeze site has instilled a hope in the community. Lives have been changed and impacted through the power of clean and sustainable solar power.

Project Details

Site: Makuzeze, Zimbabwe 2017
Client: Oxfam
Water Supplied: 20 000L per day
Pump Type Lorentz  PS1800 HR14

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