In collaboration with the Non-Governmental Organisation OXFAM, Samansco embarked on a project to supply water to the people of Marinoha. Marinoha is located in Matabeleland province of Zimbabwe, a characteristically dry province plagued by frequent water shortages. The Marinoha project was done in conjunction with other OXFAM projects in Ratanyana, Makuzeze and Ngulubeni, all located in Matabeleland.
Samansco installed a new solar piped water supply system using a Lorentz solar pump that provides up to 50,000litres of water per day. The distribution of water from the tanks travels underground to various taps located in the communities


  • 1 Lorentz pump installed
  • Water network created
  • Community supplied


This project has been life changing for the beneficiaries of this project. For many of the people of Marinoha, it was the first time in their lives that they were now able to access clean, reliable and safe water. Members of the community were visibly grateful each day, as they witnessed the investment that was being put forth into their community. The Marinoha project was a success and an example of Samansco’s commitment to furthering rural development through sustainable means.

Project Details

Site: Marinoha, Zimbabwe July 2017
Client: Oxfam
System: Water pumping system for drinking water
Water Supplied: 30 000L per day
Pump Type Lorentz PS1800 CSJ 5-12

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