Community Farming Gardens


Murazvu is a small rural community located Near Mutare, Zimbabwe


World Vision partnered with Samansco in the installation of an irrigation scheme on a 2-hectare community nutritional garden. The team installed a water pump accompanied with 3×10 000 litre tanks to ensure consistent water supply into the irrigation system. The pump along with its 8 solar panels has the capacity to pump approximately 41 000 litres per day which can see farmers through even during the driest months of the year. In addition to these tanks, a fertigation tank was also installed in the garden to provide the necessary fertiliser and water mix to crops to ensure maximum yield.


  • 80 long term beneficiaries
  • Self sustenance opportunities provided to individual farmers
  • Drip irrigation provided for 2 hectares


This nutritional garden will contribute to food security in the Murazvu region and will allow the farmers a chance to sell produce and generate income. Farmers have been able to plant vegetables such as tomatoes, okra and sugar beans. These gardens will improve livelihoods and provide a more balanced diet for farmers and their families. Samansco is proud to have been part of this life changing initiative.

Project Details

Site: Murazvu, Mutare
Client: World Vision
System: Irrigation Schemes for Nutritional Gardens
Water Supplied: 41 000L per day
Pump Type Lorentz PS2-1800 C-SJ5-12

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